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2021 - APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Live Webinar Series. Session 3: Urban Sanitation and the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Container-Based Sanitation. Sept. 13.


2021 - Rich Earth Institute Summit 2021. Online (Battleboro, Vermont). Speaker for Session: Global Partnerships for Urine Reclamation.


2021 - World Water Week 2021. Online (Stockholm, Sweden). Speaker in Session: Catalyzing sustainable futures for sanitation? Innovative financing and planning tools. August 26.


2021 - Colorado WASH Symposium. Speaker for Session: The Future of Container-Based Sanitation: Innovative, Cost-Effective, and Climate Positive. Boulder, Colorado. March 11 – 12.



2020 - APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference 2020. New Zealand. The Future of Wastewater and Sanitation Working Group Leader. December 14-18.


2020 - Making Do Conference. Virtual Symposium. Reversing the Flow: Global South to Global North Knowledge Transfer. November 20.


2020 - Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy. The University of North Carolina. Virtual Poster. Calculating the Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Container-based Sanitation Systems. October 27.


2020 - Rich Earth Institute Summit. Online (Battleboro, Vermont). Speaker and Moderator for Session: Container-based sanitation alliance notes from the field. September 16.


2020 - World Water Week 2020. Online (Stockholm, Sweden). Speaker in Session: Convergence of sanitation and climate crises. Break-out session 1: Using Emissions Data. August 24.


2020 - Institute for Health and the Built Environment. Building Health: Environmental. Designed. Determinants. Virtual Symposium. Speaker for Session: Housing Determinants – Water reuse and Container-based sanitation. May 14.

2019 – Global Sanitation Economy Summit 2019. Pune, India. Panelist: The Sanitation Economy and Climate Change. Nov 18 – 21.


2019 – Container-Based Sanitation Alliance Session at World Water Week 2019. Stockholm, Sweden. Speaker and Moderator for Session: Container based sanitation: Affordable and innovative services for all. August 25 – 30.


2019 – Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) 2019 Conference: Engaged Scholarship Panel. Landscape for Humanity: New design pedagogies for critical landscape engagement. Sacramento, California. March 8.


2019 – Combined AfricaSan5 and Fifth International Fecal Sludge Management (FSM5) Conferences. Cape Town, South Africa. Speaker in several sessions including: 1) Container Based Systems and Capacity Building. 2) Private Sector Dialogue: Promoting the Enabling Environment for Non-sewered Sanitation. 3) Monitoring and Using Evidence to Improve Hygiene and Sanitation: Accelerating Sanitation Access Through Mobile IT. 4) Achieving Urban Equality Workshop: The Potential of CBS for Realizing the Human Right to Sanitation in Urban Settings.  February 18-22.

2018 – APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes. Hong Kong, China. The Future of wastewater and Sanitation Working Group Leader. September 6 – 9.


2018 – World Water Week 2018. Stockholm, Sweden. Container Based Sanitation and the Sanitation Economy. August 28.

2018 - ASLA Oregon Design Symposium. Portland, Oregon. Healthy Places, Healthy People. 


2017 – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation User Centered Design for Sanitation Convening. Seattle Washington. Participant representing the CBSA and re.source sanitation. September 25 – 28.


2017 – APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes. Portland, Oregon. The Future of wastewater and Sanitation Working Group Leader. September 15 – 17.


2017 – Sanitation Community of Practice (SanCop) 19. University College, London. Container-Based Sanitation Alliance and Sanitation Safety Planning. April 6.


2016 – Global Toilet Business, Innovation & Investment Summit. Mumbai, India. Co-facilitator for Container Toilet Meeting. November 17.

2016 - HEST Seminar Oregon State University. Corvallis, Oregon. Rethinking Urban Infrastructure and Services: Capturing Waste and Creating Resources in Cap Haitien, Haiti. May 2.


2016 – Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. San Francisco. Expanding sanitation services: Impacts of a container-based, household toilet and human waste collection service in a dense urban slum of Cap Haitien, Haiti. April 1.


2015 – Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy. University of North Carolina. Does the installation of improved water sources impact the burden of water fetching? Results from Nampula, Mozambique. October 27.


2015 – Third International Fecal Sludge Management (FSM3) Conference. Hanoi, Vietnam. Impacts of a container-based household toilet and waste collection service in Cap Haitien, Haiti. January 20.


2014 – Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy. University of North Carolina. Impacts of a container-based household toilet and waste collection service in Cap Haitien, Haiti. October 16.


2013 – International Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Symposium. Stanford University. re.source: Piloting a low cost container-based household sanitation service. May 17.


2011 – International Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Symposium. Stanford University. Measurement and Modeling of Water Fetching Energy Expenditure. April 15.


2011 – Chi Crossroads Conference, The Woods Institute for the Environment. Stanford University. FIB and nitrate contamination of water supplied by SSIPs and the water utility in Maputo, Mozambique. January 14.

News Articles and Web-based Media

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A team of landscape architecture students (Adam DeHeer, Nicholas Sund, Summer Young and Emma Hershey) advised by Prof. Russel recently won the 2019 ASLA Award for Excellence in Residential Design. Find out more here.

2023 - Maybe It's Time for a Bidet. Dwell Magazine

2022 - Landscape for Humanity: Project-Based Education with a Compassionate Focus from the College of Design

2021 - Are bidets really better for the planet than toilet paper? Sarah Kiley Watson. Popular Science


2021 - The 2021 Faculty Research Awards go to 12 UO scholars


2021 - I3 seed funding program awards grants to four research teams

2019 - UO Resilience Initiative seed funding - Core team member of "Grid enhancing resilient housing" and "Integrated social, environmental and economic justice framework to build resilient communities for vulnerable unhoused populations."

2019 - UO LA student team won the 2019 ASLA Student Award of Excellence for Residential Design: Codesigning Green Sanitation Infrastructure: A Framework for Informal Settlements 

Ko, Abelman, and Russel Win 2019 University of Oregon Sustainability Award for Town & Gown.  University of Oregon, Office of Sustainability.  

Students Dig In At Opportunity Village

WASHNote - AfricaSan is now five! And we are learning fast


Landscape Architecture Students Clean Up in EPA Design Competition. University of Oregon College of Design. December 6, 2018.

Rethinking Human Waste. University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History. February 2, 2018 


@WSSCCouncil World Toilet Day Tweet Chat. November 20, 2017.


You’re Tuned to CBS: SOIL’s Sasha Kramer, Kory Russel, and Container Based Sanitation. SHHH Podcast. June 23, 2016. 


Sanitation: When Toilets Fly. The Dish. March 16, 2015. 


Sanitation solution for urban slums gets national recognition. The Dish. Oct 4, 2014. 


Dry toilets are a thing that might save the world. Nov 7, 2014.


Third Sanitation Experts Webinar, “Innovative Sanitation Solutions for Urban Areas,” SuSanA Forum. 


Sanitation project wins kudos from sustainability leaders. The Dish. June 4, 2013. 

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