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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Policy Reports, Book Chapters and Other Publications


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Reports and White Papers Featuring Contributions

National Science Foundation (NSF) Landscape Carbon Sequestration for Atmospheric Recovery White Paper: A Perspective on Convergence to Accelerate Carbon Sequestration. University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. [Silva LCR, Wood M, Johnson B, Bomfim B, Coughlan M, Smith M, Brinton H, Bridgham S, and McGuire K (eds.)] 2019. Find It Here

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re.source sanitation work featured in; Designing the Next Generation of Sanitation Businesses: A Report by Hystra for the Toilet Board Coalition. September 2014. Find It Here

re.source sanitation work featured in; A Collection of Contemporary Toilet Designs. EOOS and WEDC, Loughborough University. 2014, 

ISBN: 978 1 84380 155 9  Find It Here

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